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Are you looking for a kitchen which exactlywould match your lifestyle? We will do it for you.
Here we present only a small proportion of our manufactured furniture. This is not standard furniture. If you did not see a satisfactory solution, please contact us. We are sure we will find solution together.

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Properly planed kitchen cabinet will help you not to get tired and, to feel a pleasure of working.

Before decoration and repair starts, think how your furniture will look like. The best to start repair your kitchens with furniture project! This will help you to avoid such errors, as the sockets installed at the wrong place of water pipes, a vent is in the opposite side of the oven, in the most prominent place - the gas meter ...

Spare some time for choosing household appliances. Try to match its designs, color or with kitchen furniture. If equipment corresponds to your expectations, you will find out from the best home appliance interior consultants.

The kitchen sink - the main axis of each housewife rotates. Therefore, it is worth to spare time and money to choose the correct option. Sinks should be deep enough. Think about what is more close to your heart: steel or stone sink. If you choose steel, pay attention to thickness of the sheet.

Household appliances, sink, cupboards must be arranged comfortably so that everything would be close to your hand. Cupboards should have more drawer or more basket of metal (it is suggested not part but fully retractable). Not only you see the full content of the cupboard, but you will be able easily to reach any item placed in the cupboard.

It is advisable to illuminate the work area will light sources (the best illumination of work place is achieved by hanging lamps overt the suspended cupboards). Currently, a wide range of lighting fixtures, you can choose it what clip end effect you want to achieve, it will determine whether it will be luminescence (day light), halogen or low - cost and growing popularity of semiconductors (LED) lamps.

Comments about the kitchen

Proper planning of the kitchen is particularly important ... It is equally important for the strength of furniture, reliability, as we'll broken drawer or door will "lift" the mood every time you decide to use them, and sometimes look...  more >>

What kind of fittings to choose?

... And the best product installed incorrectly or inaccurately (as often happens when working at home, in the absence of good equipment, or worse yet - popular saying "the hand made"), you can significantly shorten its life ...  more >>

What kind of worktop to choose?

Classic style cuisine lovers will appreciate more natural stone, artificial stone, wood or laminated wood covered with tiles, ... more >>


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